Skill Smarter Abacus

India’s smartest Abacus Program with school curriculum applicability.

About Lotus Veda Group

Lotus Veda GroupĀ started its journey in 1996. With almost 23 years of experience, the group believes that our society needs a new education system based on the concepts of integrated education. Starting from Kindergarten, the group has diversified further and now also offers pieces of training to cultivate and bloom the upcoming generations through various techniques. At Lotus Veda group, we nurture the unique methodology of teaching involving experiential learning bringing together not only the Kindergarten and Elementary education but also extracurricular activities for children of all age groups. we started Skill Smarter Abacus after school program in India to cater to students age 5 to 12 years in 2014. Now our presence in 8 states of India and planning to expand globally. we have crossed 100+ centers in pan India and growing day by day.

Learning from a Rainbow, each of its colors stands for the following values for us:

Freedom of expression

Open communication

Joyful Learning

Knowledge with Practical Application

Developing Confidence and Self Esteem

Left Brain Thinking; Creative Imagination

Support Risk Taking and Decision Making,

Awesome after school Program.

National Abacus Competition